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Servers with preinstalled Matlab

Page last updated on: 2019-10-14

Levich Institute and Chemical Engineering department offer following computing resources that have preinstalled Matlab. Matlab runs best on your own computer but the servers fit situation like:

  • One needs to run prolonged sessions of Matlab jobs
  • One's Matlab jobs require memory and CPU more than a personal computer can handle.

Cheme Linux server

Server Name
Operating system Ubuntu 18.04
CPU 64
RAM 196 GB
Remote Access ssh, x2go
Account Application Junjun Mao <>

Poincare Linux server

Server Name
Operating system Ubuntu 10.04
CPU 32
RAM 128 GB
Remote Access ssh, euclid gateway
Account Application Junjun Mao <>
Remark Scheduled to be upgraded soon

Chemical Engineering Citrix server

Server Name
Operating system Windows
Remote Access
Account Application Andrew Eng <>
Remark This server offers Matlab through non-persistent virtual desktop


You need City College VPN account to access the server and

Last update: 2019-10-14