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Copy and Paste in and out Guacamole

Page last updated on: 2019-10-14

Apache Guacamole serves as a proxy to provide clientless access to other servers. The copy paste function is achieved through browser.

Within a Guancamole window

  1. Select text with mouse;
  2. Paste with middle mouse key.

From/to another window

Selection within Gaucamole window is not recognized by other windows. You have to copy paste through Guacamole's clipboard.

  1. Select/Copy text in any window;
  2. Under Gaucamole window, use 3 key combination CTRL-ALT-SHIFT to toggle on/off the Guacamole menu; guac_menu
  3. Use the clipboard in the menu as intermediate to copy and paste.

Last update: 2019-10-14