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College webhosting service

Page last updated on: 2019-10-14


The Web Hosting Service at CCNY is offered by Office of Information Technology (OIT) using the Plesk Hosting platform.

In addition to file uploads which enables you to present an in-house made website, the platform includes Wordpress, Drupal, and Joomla add-ons and a database managing tool.

All operation on Plesk is web-based.


The benefit of this Plesk webhosting service comparing hosting web pages on our own servers:

  • https
  • short url
  • google indexable
  • faster network
  • less subject to firewall rule changes


Pay attention to the following when using Plesk:

  • You are responsible for the content. OIT provides platform only.
  • You are responsible for site backup.
  • You are responsible for Wordpress updates. OIT reserves the right to shutdown the site if the Wordpress and its plugins are not up to date.

How to apply an account

To apply a Plesk account, visit the following page:

Last update: 2019-10-14